Monday, September 12, 2016

First meeting of the school year!

At today's meeting we had one new member, Julian, come to the club. Max, Nina, Christopher and I (Jane) also attended. We introduced ourselves and our positions. We also discussed making posters & t-shirts and the responsibility of bringing refreshments and decided to either have a rotating schedule or keep it on a volunteer basis. In addition we resolved to have Board Game Club meetings every Monday except for the third week of the month when Herr Kandah has meetings. Then we played The Worst Case Scenario Survival game. The blue team, me & Christopher, won (or, got closest to the finish line, being only one jump away)...The next meeting is on Monday, September 26th.
Auf Wiedersehen board gamers!
P. S. I know this was really a side conversation but Isabelle Eberhardt is definitely one of my favorite historical figures so if anyone wanted to know more about her, click this.

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