Sunday, September 20, 2015

Welcome to the Board Game Club!

Hello Fellow gamers!!
This is Herr Kandah, advisor of the Board Game Club. Just a few notes from our first meeting:

We had our first meeting on Friday and chose some officers: Max K. is our president, Nina K. is the secretary, and some other fellow escapes me is the historian. Several people showed up and we talked about the games we typically play and the games we can possibly play, and talked about whether or not we should have dues - decided against it for now - and on what day we should meet. Fridays is the traditional day for board game club, but we decided we would be open about it, so as to balance my other clubs and responsibilities as school employee.

We explored some of the games we had on hand: Ticket to Ride, Android: Netrunner, Cards against the Masses (or something like! not the Cards against Humanity game, which will never be a part of our club!) Anyways, time ran out, so we'll have a meeting soon again!!

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Game on!