Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Updates to the Board, Last Meeting?

At our meeting yesterday, we had elections for the board. Max K. is still president, Nina K. is once again secretary, Josiah is the new vice president, and I'm (Jane T.) the new historian. We also discussed when we will be meeting next year (most Mondays; I'll try to put a calendar on here soon) and goals/ideas for things we should do next year:

  • Make T-shirts
  • Meet with other clubs
  • Go to Flight School and club fairs to promote our club
  • Have snack volunteers
  • Make easy-to-understand cheat sheets for games with complicated rules
  • Maybe make our own board game
  • Make sure we put our meeting days on the Loe Down
That's about it for now. We might have another meeting this year so we can play one last game, but for now, the date is a mystery...

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