Monday, October 31, 2016

October 24, 2016 Meeting: RftG

Meeting #4
At this week's meeting, Max, Nina, Julian, and I attended, as well as a first time attendee, Zoey, and my friend Alexis, the president of Gamer's Club. We played a card game, Race for the Galaxy, and Max beat us a lot. I think it's safe to say he's probably the only one who really understands the rules. Oh, and there was ice cream! Herr Kandah conjured up some leftover Neopolitan & Coffee ice cream. Some random kid walked in, ate some ice cream and watched us play for a bit, and then left. So I guess Board Game Club is growing...Nina walked in late, I think she had band or something, so she just watched us play. Me and Alexis were on one team cause RftG is only a 5-player game, and everyone else was on their own. It ended shortly before 4:00 when I reached the limit of 12 cards out on the table. We also discussed having a joint meeting with Gamer's Club in Mr. LeBlanc's room (where Gamer's Club usually meets) on November 3rd, a Thursday. 
Our next regular meeting is November 7th, in two Mondays.

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